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    Episode 12: Buck Naked

    Welcome to a new segment entitled Egg Corns! Learn how to use these often misspoken words and phrases correctly as your host Denise explains their real meaning. This week we will be discussing Buck Naked rather than the often stated Butt Naked. Why the confusion and what the heck does “Buck” mean anyway?!?

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    Episode 11: Emilee Palomino

    Emilee Palomino of Smarty Girl shares the story of starting a girl empowerment brand of clothing for little girls, inspired by her own daughter. This innovative business woman has plenty to say about how the message of her brand can break through stereotypes for girls of the next generation and how communication and vocabulary has played a role in the entire process.

    Show notes:
    Succinct: suc·cinct Р[suh k-singkt] РExpressed in few words.