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    Episode 11: Emilee Palomino

    Emilee Palomino of Smarty Girl shares the story of starting a girl empowerment brand of clothing for little girls, inspired by her own daughter. This innovative business woman has plenty to say about how the message of her brand can break through stereotypes for girls of the next generation and how communication and vocabulary has played a role in the entire process.

    Show notes:
    Succinct: suc·cinct Р[suh k-singkt] РExpressed in few words.

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    Episode 8: Ryan Dopps

    Our guest this week is Dr. Ryan Dopps. Dr. Dopps is Chiropractor and International speaker on chiropractic philosophy. Dive into this podcast to learn how Dr. Dopps uses vocabulary and language to squeeze impactful moments into a shortened time.

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    Episode 4: Kalene Smith – This Powerhouse Speaker Has Literally Changed My Life!

    In this episode we welcome our guest, Kalene Smith, founder of Tousled, a blow dry bar, the Gorgeous Strength Summit and entrepreneur, is a self-help junkie who helps people turn their lives into a beautiful adventure and learn about themselves along the way. With over 10 years experience in both business and internal development, she speaks to audiences about the necessary fundamentals of healthy lives including self love, and the strategies behind achieving results by using empowering messages to reach her audience. Kalene has been widely recognized for her gorgeous and strong looks and businesses savvy, being featured in publications and magazines. She is deeply integrated in the business and self-development community nationally. As an avid traveler and an advocate for recharging your soul, you can find Kalene in a new exotic location or enjoying the adventure of finding the best way to continue her rigorous workout routine and plant-based diet while away from home. She is married to a supportive and successful husband and they have two fur-babies.