My Mission

Denise DoppsHello logophiles and future logophiles, my name is Denise. I am a wife, mother, dog mom, and chiropractor. I’m obsessed with health, traveling, and learning, including business strategies.  After hundreds of hours of research on both self and business development, I discovered common patterns in successful people, including they retain advanced vocabularies. Research backed this discovery that the most successful people have an abundant vocabulary.  Learning a skill in your field makes you good, but when you can fully express yourself and communicate exactly what you intend,  you become a better leader and rise above your competition. I set a higher standard for myself right then and there. It was a no-brainer and what I assumed to be an easy modification for better success.

I became captivated with improving my vocabulary and fell in love with the way words interact with each other to create sentences. I quickly realized what I didn’t love was mudding through boring and lackluster books, websites, and videos. It was almost as bad as picking up a dictionary and thumbing through it to learn new words. This beautiful language should be fun, exciting, and invigorating and there has to be a better way to learn it. So here we are, and I want Adjust Your Vocabulary to be that for you. This podcast gives you the tools to dive into vocabulary without feeling bored or overwhelmed. We live in the most exciting times in history, learning to expand our language to express ourselves abundantly should be no exception.

Everyone can be successful, but with an outstanding vocabulary, you can elevate your voice.

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